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The King’s Woman by Amaka Praiz

The kings woman
by <strong>Nwamaka Praise Oliseyenum</strong>

About the book “The King’s Woman”

The King’s Woman is a book that takes you on a journey to true self-identification; helps you understand your place in the grand scheme of things (purpose discovery); and empowers you to diligently explore the grandeur you’re made of. It reveals man’s origin in God and his identity in Christ; God’s intentionality in making both genders distinctive; and how dwelling in their unique places increases their ability to reflect their beauties. The Woman as seen in the title symbolises sons/the church/believers, not necessarily the female gender.

The Book is available for purchase on Amazon and OkadaBooks for only a token. You can also decide to reach out to the Author directly to get a copy.

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Get the book using this link:

Author’s Name & Contact

Name: Nwamaka Praise Oliseyenum

Email address:

Phone number: +2347015538940

Website: /

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