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He was a burning and a shining light

A Burning and Shining Light

A time will come in our lives as individuals when certain things we believe will be tested and questioned. Even if you had a vision, dream, or revelation, a certain end would come that would shake all that you ever did and believed…

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John the Baptist: The Forerunner

John the Baptist: A Forerunner and More

John the Baptist was sent on a special assignment by God to prepare the heart of the people to receive Christ at His coming. He spoke so much about Christ before His unveiling that even some of his followers decided to follow Christ when He was shown unto the people.

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Mary and Martha - Disappointed at Jesus - because of Lazarus death

Mary’s Disappointment

Nobody beats Mary when it comes to the service of God, she was always at the forefront but on this occasion, she sat still unconvinced, unconcerned, defeated, and deflated by Lazarus’s death and particularly by the purported lack of concern by the Saviour (Jesus).

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