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Mary’s Disappointment

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John 11 vs. 20 (kjv) – “………  but Mary sat still in the house”.

Nobody beats Mary when it comes to the service of God, she was always at the forefront but on this occasion, she sat still unconvinced, unconcerned, defeated, and deflated by Lazarus death and particularly by the purported lack of concern by the Saviour (Jesus).

Mary sat still in the house depressed, she was used to HIS FEET but now glued to her seat, because she expected Jesus to have been around earlier than now.

She must have thought within herself: 

Why did Jesus do this to me? 

Why did He leave me when I needed him the most? 

My family has been very kind to Jesus each time he comes around, Martha always prepares something delicious for Him and his disciples. 

I am no stranger to Jesus, oh how I sat at His feet and heard His word. I even invited neighbours anytime He was coming around, my house was already a fellowship center.

I have seen Him perform miracles many times. Since He stepped into our home, things have turned around drastically.

He should have heeded my sister’s call immediately or at least He could have spoken the word only and Lazarus would have been healed; but now He is strolling in when the damage was already done.

Oh PETER, the QUESTIONER should have questioned his decision to waste further time before coming, knowing that Lazarus was a friend whom He loved.

JOHN, the BELOVED was always leaning by His side; he could have at least whispered to the LORD to treat this case as urgent.

JUDAS, the FINANCIAL ANALYST should have informed Jesus about the financial implication of Lazarus’s death – the cost of digging the grave, the cost of the gravestone, the balm and the wrapping clothes, the opportunity cost of mourning at home and other related expenses. 

Nooooooo, not me. Jesus shouldn’t have done this to me.

I even poured a very expensive ointment at His feet and wiped it with my hair.

Why is He just coming now that Lazarus is stinking?

Even if not for Martha’s sake or my sake, LORD you should have done it for the sake of your friend Lazarus whom you loved. But now all hope is gone.

Where do I start now? 

She must have mused and whispered within herself.

Just like the story of Mary’s disappointment; many times, we find ourselves at junctures in life where the Savior seems to be absent. We call on Him and He seems not to show up till the damage seems to have been done. These junctures bring about doubts, despair, disappointments, discouragement, despondency, and depression. We must not allow situations to weigh us down so much that we begin to doubt our Savior. It is true that when we are faced with daunting challenges, there are thoughts of unbelief that may creep into our hearts, but we must ensure that even if we lose everything, we must not lose our faith in God.

One thing is sure; He is working from behind to show forth His glory. He is monitoring the proceedings.

He knew when Lazarus died; He knows your condition is aching and killing. Should the Master then panic? No, He is the RESURRECTION and He is the LIFE. He is watching the situation and more importantly He is working on it and will glorify Himself. That which seems like your death is just a means to gather people together to celebrate your resurrected(transformed) you.

Keep Believing.

Keep Holding On.

He is EL ROI – “The God who sees me (you)”.

by Ndubuisi Paul Okafor

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