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Overcoming Distractions in God’s Presence

Overcoming distractions in God's presence. Sometimes you could get distracted by a new idea or inspiration that pops up on your mind while listening to a sermon or praying. You may even get more distracted by trying not to forget these ideas. It is advisable you always have a personal diary or a notepad/Jotter with you  to jot down these ideas/thoughts/inspirations as they drop on your mind.

I am a quiet and reserved person. In gatherings/meetings, I’m perceived to be very attentive because I always look very focused. However, I’m not always attentive, I seem to have a short attention span. It’s usually difficult to concentrate on a subject/topic for so long as I’m easily lost in mine own world of imaginations. Probably you are like me or you know someone like me.

In this post, I will be sharing some few tips on how to overcome distractions during prayers, bible studies and christian seminars/conferences. These tips may also be helpful in your secular life.

1. Love and Accept yourself the way you are

how to overcome distractions in God's presence by Christiana Okafor

Understand that you are not alone and that you are not a strange being. I know how it feels when people around you do not understand you. I know how it feels when you are asked to summarize a speech or give reports on what you just heard or listened to and you couldn’t just place it. You may be called a pretender at some instances but just put your mind off it. There are a lot of people like you, so just admit who you are and learn to love yourself.

2. Work on yourself

overcoming distractions in prayers and bible study by Christiana Okafor

Yes, you can work at being attentive. I must confess, it is not an easy task. It takes deliberate efforts, so you must be determined. Whenever you find out that you are off your environment probably daydreaming or lost in thoughts, all you have to do is to adjust quickly. Do not get mad at yourself. Do not worry about the information you had lost as that can also make you miss out other information. So, focus on grabbing the information you can get now because you cannot shift the hands of time to get the ones you have lost.

3. Pray about it

Show us the Father by Ndubuisi Paul Okafor

Do know that you can pray about anything. At the start of a sermon, fellowship, meeting; ask God to help you to be attentive. Do not see it as an awkward thing to ask God. Why? Because God knows you and understands you perfectly, even more than yourself.

4. Write as you listen

Maintain a good posture during prayers and bible study by Christiana Okafor

Cultivate a habit of writing down the lessons, insights, inspirations, messages gotten from what you are listening to. This would help you to be on track and aid to minimize distractions on your mind.

5. Good Posture

Bible Verses on waiting by Ndubuisi Paul Okafor

You need to be in a good sitting or standing position especially during your quiet time, prayers or personal study at home. This would help you concentrate better.

6. Eliminate objects of distractions

Overcoming Distractions in God's presence by Christiana Okafor

Are there some objects that gets you easily distracted? This varies from person to person; therefore, you need to discover these objects.
When you see your mobile phone, do you think of persons you ought to call? text messages you forgot to reply? articles you haven’t read? etc. If yes, then your mobile phone is a distraction.
When you sight your house keys, do you worry if you locked the door properly? if your spouse/children took their spare keys etc. If yes, this is also be an object of distraction.
These are just few examples. You can keep the objects/items where you won’t sight them to enable you concentrate better.

7. Always be with a personal Diary or Notepad

Overcoming Distractions in prayers by Christiana Okafor

Sometimes you could get distracted by a new idea or inspiration that pops up on your mind while listening to a sermon or praying. You may even get more distracted by trying not to forget these ideas. It is advisable you always have a personal diary or a notepad/Jotter with you  to jot down these ideas/thoughts/inspirations as they drop on your mind.

8. Accountability Partner

Overcoming Distractions in God's presence by Christiana Oghogho Okafor

When possible, sit beside a person who truly understands you. This could be a friend, spouse, relative etc. Such persons would always check up on you and be able to bring you back from your imaginations when they observe you have drifted from your environment.


by Christiana Okafor

Photo credit : Google and Pexels

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63 thoughts on “Overcoming Distractions in God’s Presence”

  1. It can be easy to get distracted and not even realize it’s happened. Having these tips helps set an intention ahead of time so you can bring your attention back o the subject at hand. Thanks for these great tips!

  2. Lots of practical ideas here, thanks for sharing them with us! I get so distracted and a year ago finally got back into journaling my prayers. I do get distracted still but overall, this usually helps me stay on task.

  3. Number 4 is great advice! I have found that as I read a book or the Bible that highlighting, underlining and taking notes is the best way for me to retain what I’m taking in. In the past, I used to feel so guilty about not remember what I’d just read, but when I started this practice it has made a world of difference.

  4. These are great ideas for being able to stay focused. I carry a pad of paper around with me or use the notes app on my phone for tons of things that I need to take note of or remember.

  5. I often find myself distracted when I am uninterested or maybe even in a hurry. Your tips to overcoming distractions in God’s presence are super helpful. I really like the idea of keeping a journal. I also appreciate the tip to pray about it. Sometimes we forget how much God is willing to help us!

  6. Wonderful tips
    Distractions in God’s presence is a major issue for most people. As a blogger you might just catch yourself thinking about the next blog post. Having a notepad for quickly writing your thoughts is a great idea.
    Thanks for sharing

  7. Sometimes I have to work at overcoming distractions in my prayer life. We have so much to distract our thoughts nowadays. But, as your tips suggest, it is all within our power to improve our focus and concentration!

  8. Great tips for keeping your thoughts focused on who is in front of you!! I can at times get distracted by the many things that I have going on in life, even thoughts like “what am I gonna cook my family for dinner” will get me on a rabbit trail, leading to what I need to get from the store. It’s so important that we train our minds to be focused and attentive.

  9. Thank you for your post on distraction in God’s presence . I love to find a time of day when I can turn off my phone and just sit and be with Him…it’s not always easy but it is worth it.

  10. Just as we want the person we are talking to, to give us their undivided attention, God wants that with us. You listed some great ways we can overcome distractions in our time with the Lord.

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