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The Call of God

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He woke up late and headed for his cell phone; On checking his phone, he could see several missed calls. All the calls were customized and from different networks. Previously, he had prayed fervently and waiting for an answer in form of phone calls. He panted, winked and perspired as he sat on the floor wondering what he should do next. He looked through his cell phone once again and saw that those missed calls came in at morning, noon and night at different days. He pondered and wondered on why he missed these calls. “oh, I was deep asleep, I was lost in my slumbering .

Intermittently while asleep, he had woken up to see some phone calls but felt they were not important especially seeing that he was not familiar with the number.

Dear reader, God still calls today using different networks (means/methods). He may call you through His Word, His Spirit, His Ministers or even divinely arranged circumstances.

Job 33 vs 14 (nkjv) says “For God may speak in one way, or in another, yet man does not perceive it”.

psalm 62 vs 11 (nkjv) also says ‘God has spoken once; Twice I have heard this: That power belongs to God”.

Many today see God’s call upon their lives at morning, noon and night. God arranges situations for them, He impresses the scripture upon their heart, He ministers to their hearts and minds through His Spirit.

God sends his servants as well, but man has a mindset, man has a standard, man has an idea, man has a goal. All these will not allow him to discover and to be in consonance and congruence to God’s call.

“When God calls you do not look at your back to see who is following you” says Corrie Ten Boom.

May you not miss God’s call for your life!

May you receive all the grace and courage to step into His will.

Are you  tempted to be idle?

Do not forget your bible

Hold it close to heart as words on a marble

Remember to always place God in your saddle

And he will fight all your battles

Take heed, so not be driven by greed

Remember you are God’s seed

You are a new breed.


by Ndubuisi Paul Okafor

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