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My Journey through Singlehood 1

my journey of singlehood

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7 thoughts on “My Journey through Singlehood 1”

  1. So inspiring to hear, and is a story we all need sometimes to remind us that we’re not the only ones going through singlehood! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Wow you are great story teller! I read every word. It is so interesting how we can lust for someone in our heart and convenience ourselves that they are perfect in every way especially when others try to tell us otherwise. Love and the heart are a very powerful thing in the human experience. Once we love, there is nothing anyone can say that will sway us one way or the other. Thanks for the read xxx

  3. This is a very interesting read. Many young women fell prey to this trap and type of guy because they are tired of waiting. I pray that this will be a wake up call for a young girl that reads this post and may be in the same situation.

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