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Jesus, the Eternal Seal

Jesus the Eternal Seal, Stamp of approval, Approved, inspiring changes through written words

Sometimes ago, I was working on a file at my place of work. Upon completing the task, I sent the file for approval and later became perturbed when I found out that file was rejected. I tried to find out why; so, after due investigation, I discovered that the file was rejected because there was no company seal on one of the documents (a letterhead) in the file.

I pondered on this and related it to those without a seal upon their lives – those who know not the Saviour, those who will be rejected in time and in eternity. This is because they have no approval of heaven, their files (lives) are rejected. May I remind you that files that are rejected are thrown into the trash can (if they cannot be regularized). The contents in the trash can are to be burnt off in the nearest dumpsite. Therefore, those who have no eternal seal will be rejected and thrown into a trash can (hell) and later, burn in the eternal dumpsite (lake of fire).  

Back to the story of the rejected file; the letterhead was sent back to the company in question for regularization. Upon receipt of the regularized letterhead (the seal had been attached), the file re-sent for approval and was speedily accepted and signed.

If I may ask, do you know the eternal seal of life? He is JESUS CHRIST. If you do not have Him in your life, you are rejected and headed for eternal burning in hell.

But I have good news, all hope is not lost. If you are already dejected and rejected, that is not the end. You can still return to God who created you (just as the letterhead was sent back to the company) and obtain the eternal seal: Jesus Christ by accepting Him as your Lord and Personal Saviour. Once you accept Jesus Christ into your life, you will automatically obtain the eternal seal. Hence, you will become qualified to be approved by God and be his Child.  

So what are you waiting for? Why not get deal done right now? Obtain the eternal seal and be approved of GOD.


by Ndubuisi Paul Okafor

Photo Credit: Google

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