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I have a Father

I have a Father by Abotu Goodnews
<em>by Abotu Goodnews</em>

About the ebook/audio “I have a Father”

It’s time, Yes the time is now or never. It’s time we get an indepth knowledge of who God really is, no longer should we be comfortable with the lies that causes our inner fights and struggles with God. God is our father and nothing less. He is our father and that’s enough. Let’s not call him the wrong names just because we want to describe an indescribable God. God is our Father that is what I have discovered, experienced and now am living to tell it.

Here in this book it is written down, in the best way I can. God is my father, God is your father, God is our father, we have a father. Let’s all say I HAVE A FATHER and let’s get it now and live in this light. This book is for you claim it now!!!

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Author’s Name & Contact

Name: Abotu Goodnews
Phone number: +234(0)8104877621


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